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OCA logo
Oldsmobile Club Of America Homepage -- The one stop for all official news regarding OCA, including listings for all other chapters affiliated with OCA.

Your Classic Ride logo
Your Classic Ride -- Kansas City's premier facility uniquely designed for the storage and maintenance of classic vehicles (and a great place for club meetings).  Thanks, Dale!

Associated Car Clubs of Kansas City
Associated Car Clubs of Kansas City -- A complete guide to car clubs and events in the Kansas City area.

Archway Olds Club
Archway Olds Club -- Our fellow Olds lovers on the east side of Missouri!

Hurst/Olds Club logo
Hurst/Olds Club Of America -- The Internet home for anything to do with H/O's.  Very informative site!

Toronado Owners Association -- Front-Wheel-Drive Authority!

MN Olds Club logo
Minnesota Oldsmobile Club -- Excellent website!

R.M. Olds Club logo
Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club -- Denver-area Oldsmobiles, great site!

DSE banner
Dave Smith Engineering -- Oldsmobile performance specialists!

442.com logo
442.com -- A must-see site!  All the Olds information you need, check out the FAQ pages!

Ken Snyder Racing logo
Ken Snyder Racing -- Chapter member's racing Rocket collection!

Brothers Auto Parts logo
Brothers Automotive Products -- Authorized restoration parts for Oldsmobiles available locally, with an online catalog for convenience!

Mondello logo
Mondello Performance Products -- Performance parts for Oldsmobile engines from 1964 to 1990.

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